Friday, July 1, 2011

Love my crazy life!

So, things are finally starting to look up again! I am extremely happy with this next step we are taking.  School is going well.  My health is fine, which means we are a go for the first round of fertility drugs hopefully soon!  I just finished taking my provera, so stupid cycle should start again soon.  I hope it starts soon because I am antsy to start a family.
My husband is finally learning that since I am in school, I need his help around the house.  So this morning as I was bitching about a fallen bowl of food, he helped clean the living room and even put away most of his stuff!  I know it sounds bad that he put away his stuff, but sometimes he just leaves all his stuff laying around like a five year old!
Back to me being happy again, the hubby and I are once again in great moods and able to enjoy our time together, instead of not using our together time wisely!  We are more committed to staying positive, staying relaxed, and being goofy again!  We are trying to not sweat the small things and we know that there are things that happen that we have no control over.
All in all, July is going to be an amazing month, hopefully with amazing events taking place!

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