Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Day!

So today I had to go get yet another ultrasound to see what my next step is going to be.  Luckily, I was given the okay to try this month for baby, which is fantastic!  However if nothing happens this month, I have to go on birth control for two or three months before trying again.  Surprisingly, I am actually okay with this.  I have decided that even though I might be mad if I dont get pregnant this month, I know that there is a time for everything.  I put my faith in God and thats all I can really do.  I know he will bless us with a kid when the time is right.  I am done questioning his actions and ready to allow him to lead me down the path he has set for me.  I realize now that last year was not the best time to bring a child into our lives and that we are in better places this year, financially and emotionally, and that it will happen.  I just have to have faith and patience, which patience is the hardest thing of all!

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