Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crazy times!

So, this week has been very interesting.  On Thursday, my city was turned upside down by a very unusual event. A guy snapped (they think his wife told him she was leaving him) and drove to his wife's parents house, which is literally around the block from me, and shot all 4 people that were inside, including his 12-year-old daughter.  Then he proceed to drive about 2 miles away to the home of an ex-girlfriend and shot everyone in there, including a 10-year-old girl.  All this happened while I was at school and my hubby had the day off.  He actually heard the gunshots from the first group of shootings, but since we live in a quiet town he figured it was just a car backfiring.  There was a huge car chase all throughout the downtown area (where I was at) and on the local freeways.  Then panic struck.  I was bombarded with texts saying "don't go outside", "are you okay", and the worst was from my husband which said "I may not be able to come pick you up, the shooter is in my area."  I called him and found out that the shooter was at a house less than 2 blocks away, with three hostages inside. Luckily, the cops set up impassable barricades right after our complex, and then another barricade just up the hill from our complex, which they let people exit through.  So he was able to come pick me up, and we spent some time watching the events unfold at a local restaurant.  We were just going to stay there, but I needed to get home so I could attempt to sleep and be up at 4am for work.  When we got home, I realized that everything was much closer than I thought and the news helicopters would prevent me from getting any sleep.  So I sat outside and watched (even though the only thing I saw was the occasional cop car and government vehicle leaving the blocked off areas).  While slowly making my way back inside, I heard a small pop.  I looked at the police officers near me, and they didn't seem phased at all, so I continued slowly walking up my sidewalk.  That is when the light to the helicopter turned back on and I knew something was going on.  Apparently, that pop I heard was the shooter taking his own life.  All together he killed 8 people (including himself), injured 2 (during his car chase), and held 3 people hostage.  It was the craziest night ever.
Now to the fun part. Saturday was day 5 of my cycle, which means I started taking my clomid. Yay! However, I forgot that the drug makes me slightly moody, so today I am kinda crabby. Oh well, it is for a good cause!


  1. Saturday was day 5 for me too! We are like cycle buddies! Hope this month is your month!

  2. I lied, I'm one day ahead of you.

  3. still we can both keep each other company! lol! Hope this is your month too!!!!!!