Sunday, June 26, 2011

New beginning.

So, its been a few days since I last updated this.  I have been busy with school, work, and weekend vacations! I went to see my doctor on Monday to find out what the next step towards pregnancy will be for me.  She was glad that I am now down 12 lbs since march, and frankly, I am excited about that too!  I ended up getting tested for diabetes/pre-diabetes, which luckily I have neither.  I did get a fun little pill that will get everything back on track and hopefully working again, which is very nice since I would really love to have a viable pregnancy soon!  I also will be starting back up with fertility drugs this coming month, which is fine with me and hubby since we know they work and my doctor will monitor me closer this time.  Now, we are just enjoying the last few days we have until new cycle begins and this stupid fluctuating period business stops! On another note, I started school again this week and am loving it.  I have always been a good student, but now I feel I am more focused than ever and am more determined to reach all my goals this year!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new look on life.

So as mad as I am about having to work soo freaking hard to get pregnant, I recently snapped out of my funk and am now ready to embark fully on this journey. Plus, I am now not mad at everyone else who keeps getting pregnant so easily.  I am taking this new-found serenity and taking time to enjoy life instead of being pissed off at it.  I am excited to meet all the babies that I have shunned in the past, and ready to be excited for those who are about to be parents.  I know that one day I will have my own kids, but right now it isn't my turn.  It will happen when it is our turn, and right now I am going to use all my extra energy, that was used to be mad and frustrated, to be creative and spontaneous and happy.
On my creativity, I painted a giant chalkboard in my spare bedroom/office, so I can use it for school and being more creative.  Today, I am also starting on making jewelry from used gift cards (since I work at Starbucks and have tons from just after Christmas).  I am starting a new adventure in life, I am starting to be happy with who I am and not be mad about what I am not.