Sunday, September 18, 2011

fun and fancy free!

These past few days I have finally fully come to terms with this three month hiatus. It is a time for me to get healthy, which I have been very good with eating right I just need to work on the exercise part.  I am making a pact with myself that if I work out 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, at the end of that week I will reward myself with a new book, new hair thing, or new nail polish.  This pact is starting tomorrow, which happens to also be day one of my second month of birth control pills.  Hopefully this pact will keep me motivated to get up and moving!
My little sister and I had a great heart to heart today before she left to go back home.  Her and my mom are concerned that I may have adverse side effects to the drugs that my doctor keeps giving me (fertility drugs and birth control).  Basically, they are concerned for my health because of tales of life-threatening issues.  I know that my doctor is very adamant on making sure that what I am taking is the right dosage and is not being taken for longer than I need to take them.  My mom, who just got back from a two week road trip to Reno, New Mexico, and Colorado, wanted to show that even though she doesn't approve of the use of drugs to help with reproducing, she still cares about me.  She got me a magnet of this little hunched back guy who is playing a flute.  It is actually Kokopelli, a southwestern native american fertility god.  Her way of showing she cares.  It works!

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