Friday, November 18, 2011


So, the three month hiatus has now been over for just about a week now.  Feeling pretty good about these next few months, however now I am stressed about stupid work issues.  Ugggh, never ends!  Everytime I plan something, one of our managers fucks up our plans.  We were supposed to go see family for thanksgiving weekend, but that had to be cancelled since my new store opens the monday after thanksgiving.  Fine, we dealt with that.  Now, find out that my husband has to close on both thanksgiving and black friday, which takes away the plan to have a nice thanksgiving dinner alone for once and cancels the plans we had to do a little shopping on friday.  Now, my husband's manager wants to switch shifts with my husband on sunday, meaning we would barely have time to go grocery shopping, which we really need to do.  Uggggh. I freaking hate work right now.  Oh well, I have a new craft to try to keep my stress under control.  I have thrown all my frustrations, stresses, and free time into knitting christmas presents and even a few baby gifts (there are a few people who are worthy enough to get baby gifts from me because they have nothing but respect for others. Right now my sister is still not one of those lucky people)  Plus, we are soon becoming the parents of another beautiful orange kitty named Sonny.  Right now, all I can do is love my kitties and husband and pray that things work out for us.

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